20 of the best life-changing baby gadgets for new parents

baby gadgets

Game-changers (Picture: Getty/Metro.co.uk)

When expecting a new baby, there’s a whole host of products out there to choose from.

In fact, there are so many choices to make that it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to start.

What will you use and what will lie in the cupboard untouched? What will turn into an essential, and what will end up being a waste of money?

With so many things to buy and prepare for a new baby, we’ve done the narrowing down, so you don’t have to.

Read on for our selection of hand-picked baby products that you never knew you needed, but – once you’ve got them – won’t be able to live without:

Vital Baby advanced pro UV steriliser 

Stylish design that will blend into any kitchen (Picture: Vital Baby)

This multi-award winning steriliser quickly and efficiently kills 99.99% of bacteria using the latest UV technology, in just seven minutes.

Coming with a drying and storage mode, this lever contraption isn’t just for babies. You can sterilize almost anything… no, seriously. You can even sterilise your mobile phone in it.

The storage mode keeps things sterile for three days, meaning you can store clean bottles in there, knowing that they’re safe.

It looks very stylish in comparison to other sterilisers, with the ribbed exterior, and comes in black or white. The inner shelf is handy for sterilising smaller bits, like dummies, at the same time as bottles.

It’s a teeny bit more pricey than some other models on the market, but it’s a high quality piece of kit that will make your life so much easier, and look good in your kitchen.

Buy it here for £129.

Medela double breast pump

One of the very best breast pumps on the market (Picture: Medela)

If you’re breastfeeding but want the option to pump away from baby, or give someone else the opportunity to be able to feed your little one, it’s absolutely worth investing in a high quality breast pump.

The Medela Freestyle Flex double pump is conveniently designed to fit into your hectic life. It’s light and compact, with a USB chargeable battery, meaning that you can charge out and about, and express wherever (and whenever) suits.

The display is easy to use and adjust, the pumping is quiet, and the hands free option and portable size is certain to be a lifesaver. Crucially, it’s a double, so you can maximise your time spent pumping.

The pump pairs with the app, giving you the option to time your sessions, and track things like how much breast milk you’ve expressed.

It also comes with some lovely accessories – including a cooler bag, to keep milk fresh if it’s been pumped away from home.

Buy it here for £233.30.

Flexcone electric breast pump 

Comes with a ‘breast-like’ feeding bottle (Picture: Vital Baby)

If you’re looking for something more on the affordable side, the flexcone electric breast pump is specially designed to mimic natural expression, with silicone that’s soft against the skin.

The pump is portable and lightweight, with nine different speed settings – to suit each mum’s needs.

It also comes with a ‘breast-like’ feeding bottle, with a breast-like teat for slow flow, as well as a pack of breast pads, USB charger, and other accessories.

Buy it here for £99.99.

Lactation massager 

Made from medical grade silicone (Picture: Amazon)

Ok, not strictly for baby, this lactation massager is probably something most of us aren’t aware exists – but can make life much, much easier for anyone who is breastfeeding.

This massager is the first of its kind and helps to reduce discomfort from many breastfeeding ailments while improving milk flow.

It’s small in size, waterproof and made from medical grade silicone.

The soft material feels nice against the skin and the multiple vibration modes mean that the settings can be changed to suit each individual. The design fits easily into your hand, and the shape works on all breast sizes.

The same company also make warming lactation massagers that soothe and improve milk flow, by providing continuous warmth and vibration , the warming lactation massager helps improve milk flow and save time.

Buy the massager here for £29.99 and the warming massage pads here for £64.99.

Prep and wean machine

A nifty gadget for weaning (Picture: Amazon)

For when your baby does start to move onto food, it can be overwhelming knowing what to make – and how to safely prepare food.

This prep and wean machine It acts as a baby food processor three in one; steam cooking, blending and sterilising, all in one nifty weaning gadget.

Simple and straightforward to use, the machine has a large 900ml jug capacity and the impressive two-tier design allows you the option to cook two different foods at the same time.

The five different blending options mean you can create a range of textures – from first taste purees, all the way to toddler meals, so it will last you for years!

Buy it here for £119.99.

Glow Dreaming sleep aid

A real life changer when it comes to getting your child to sleep (Picture: Glow Dreaming)

As well as feeding, another absolutely crucial part of parenthood is sleep.

This Glow Dreaming sleep aid states its mission is to ‘bring sleep to all those who need it’. We can get on board with that.

It’s a compact unit that provides pink noise (to help relax) and red LED light therapy (said to stimulate melatonin, the body’s natural sleep hormone). It also acts as a humidifer, that you can add aromatherapy drops to as well. (Handy instructions on how much to use are included with the product).

The Glow Dreaming comes in a plain white casing, but a variety of sleeves can be added to the unit, from rainbows to bears. Our personal favourite is the strawberry print.

It’s easy to use, relaxing and has a host of rave reviews online.

Buy a bundle here for £79.95.

Pabobo plush star projector

The velvet is so, so soft (Picture: Amazon)

This star projector provides a calming, ocean themed environment, with a variety of soothing sounds and underwwater effect projections.

The light itself is encased in a navy velvet star that is super soft to touch, and comforting in its own right.

It’s suitable from birth, and washable. The baby cry sensor means that it comes on automatically when soothing is needed, and will switch off again when it’s job is done.

Sign us up.

Buy it here for £45.

Shnuggle light

Low blue light is comforting and relaxing (Picture: Shnuggle)

If you’re looking for a simple night light, rather than a projector or humidifer, this one from Shnuggle is lovely.

It’s squidy and soft, with a strap, so the light can be carried round anywhere without worrying about damage or breaking, and it looks lovely too.

There’s something about the design and feel that’s super comforting and the low blue light it produces is calming for babies and parents alike.

The non-removable, rechargeable battery means it’s cord free, making it safe and convenient.

Buy it here for £26.96.

Sleepea Swaddle Bag

Made from 100% cotton (Picture: Happiest Baby)

This five second swaddle was created by Dr. Harvey Karp, who also designed SNOO Cot, the smart crib loved by celebrities (and retailing at over £1,000).

But if you want a taste of the sleep expertise, you can pick up the Happiest Baby Sleepea Swaddle for a much more attainable price tag.

The sleeping bag design has been created with baby safety and parent sanity in mind.

Made from 100% cotton, the material is super soft and stretchy to touch. The mesh at the shoulders and legs is breathable, to ensure your baby doesn’t wake up.

There’s the option to open arms up, if your baby likes to be able to move around more during the night. It also features a soft and comfortable harness, to help get baby into the right position, and keep them there.

(NB. We’re also big fans of the SNOO bear, a cuddly teddy that doubles up as a soothing white noise machine, to help your baby drift off.)

Buy the five second swaddle here for £32.95.

Stay warm baby pyjamas

100% natural and sustainable (Picture: Dagsmejan)

This baby sleepwear is ‘scientifically proven’ to help your baby sleep better.

100% natural and sustainable, the collection has been developed to ensure that your baby is kept at the optimum temperature through the night.

The Stay Warm baby sleep suits are perfect for winter, with the fabric made from a blend of merino wool and Eucalyptus fibres.

The material itself is super light, and thin – but it’s just as warmer as heavier fabrics, while not allowing overheating to happen.

They also come with little matching hats, to keep your baby’s head warm and help regulate their temperature.

Buy it here, starting at £25.90.

VTech VM919HD baby monitor

Monitoring your baby is of the utmost importance – and a video monitor is an essential for most parents.

While there are a plethora of monitors available on the market, this one is one of sour favourite.s With no wifi connection required, set up couldn’t be any easier – and it means it’s incredibly secure, and safe from the possibility of hackers.

Additionally, the 7″ parent unit has a super clear picture, a two-way talking function so you can talk to your baby from afar, and a selection of soothing tunes. From the parent unit, it’s also possible to pan and tilt to show the whole room. Night vision is clear, and the screen is HD.

The design is also lovely, with a faux wood and white finish.

Buy it here for £169.50.

Rockit baby rocker

Safe, effective and easy to use (Picture: Rockit)

The Rockit baby rocker can be clipped to any pram or buggy, via a universal bracket fitting. You can either leave it clipped on for ease, or you can remove and reposition – for use on different strollers. (There is also the option to get a spare bracket, so you can move the Rockit backwards and forwards).

Once attached, the Rockit mimics the movement of you rocking your baby, gently soothing them to sleep – and saving your arm muscles.

Safe, effective and easy to use, it’s a must for helping soothe your baby to sleep bit giving you free hands to do other things.

Buy it here for £39.95.

Zed rocker

Suitable from birth (Picture: Rockit)

The Zed baby rocker can be used in any mattress, and gives off a low frequency vibration that emulates that of a car engine, known to help send babies to sleep.

This little spaceman means you can send your baby for a snooze without having to keep going round the block.

It’s suitable from birth, has six different speed settings and a nightlight option as well.

Buy it here for £29.95.

Aster 2 stroller from Didofy  

The olive is particularly attractive (Picture: Didofy)

Most parents will have an everyday pram for their little one – but they can be bulky and heavy, particularly for going on trips. If it’s in budget, it’s worth having a lighter, fold up pushchair that can be used for weekends away, or holidays.

And while some buggies aren’t suitable for new babies, the Didofy Aster 2 is safe from birth, up until your wee one hits around 22kg.

Ultra compact and lightweight, it fits on most airlines as hand baggage and is perfect for holidaymakers.

It comes in a variety of colours but the olive green with bronze frame is particularly lovely, with high quality and stylish finishings. The material looks high end, from the waterproof hood to the leatherette bumper bar.

The stroller comes with everything you need, with a rain cover, foot muff and cup holder.

Buy it here for £299.

Contigo cup

(Picture: Amazon.co.uk)

Ok, hear us out. This might not be a baby gadget – however, this is a must when you’ve got a new baby and you’re out on endless walks.

Contigo’s Autoseal Luxe travel mug provides 100% spill-proof confidence thanks to the lid’s lockable push-button technology – it really doesn’t spill a drop, making it safe around babies but also meaning you can chuck it in your changing bag and not worry about any leaks.

And if you’ve got your hands fool, the cup keeps drinks piping hot for five hours, or cold for an impressive 12 hours, if iced drinks are your thing.

Just press to sip and the Autoseal Luxe will do the rest. Available in six elegant metallic finishes.

Buy it here for £27.

Shnuggle bath 

Bath time!

Bath time is another staple of new babies – and anything to make it easier is always welcome.

This shnuggle bath is designed to make bathtime less stressful for parents, and fun for baby.

The design means that it can be used anywhere, from the kitchen sink to the living room. The little bum support means that even the smallest baby can be kept in an upright position, without sliding.

It’s also BPA free, and the small size means the water stays warmer for longer.

Buy it here for £25.95.

Angel care bath

A dream to use (Picture: Angelcare)

If you would prefer a seat that goes in your existing bath, rather than acts as its own vessel, the Angelcare bath seat is perfect.

The rubber back is soft and supportive for baby, giving maximum comfort for baby and convenience for parent.

Because this sits in the bath, there’s a handy water level indicator that helps you fill the bath to the right height for your baby.

The mesh back also means the bath seat dries out quickly and easily in between uses. A dream to use.

Buy it here for £21.  

Cuddledry towel 

Plush and practical (Picture: Cuddledry)

A hooded towel is an essential with a baby – but this isn’t any hooded towel.

Not only is it the softest, plushest towel we’ve ever laid our hands on, it comes with a clever design that means it can be attached round the parent’s neck, leaving both hands free to lift your baby from the bath, while keeping you dry.

The two layers, of bamboo and towelling, means that the baby gets dried effectively, while the velour side keeps the parent dry.

As lovely as it is, it is quite pricey so would make a great idea for a baby shower, or new baby gift.

Buy it here for £39.99.

Angelcare ‘happy seal’ thermometer 

Monitoring bath water temperature is crucial (Picture: Amazon)

Monitoring the bath water for your baby is crucial – as scalding can happen in just seconds, if the bath water is too hot.

But who says temperature monitoring can’t be fun? This Angelcare happy seal thermometer will keep your baby safe, while also providing hours of play.

The design means that, as well as providing a function, it floats on water and also stands on a shelf.

Temperature alerts will go off if the water reaches higher than it should be, making it easy to read.

And just look at that happy face…

Buy it here for £15.99.

Angelcare nappy bin 

The starter pack comes with up to three months supply of bags (Picture: Boots.com)

A nappy bin is a must and we’re a fan of this one from Angelcare.

Featuring Air-Seal™ technology designed to keep bad smells at bay, and stores a few days of nappies in there, without any issues.

There is a ‘push and lock’ device, which makes it super easy to use – just push it through the clamp system at the top, and it disappears into the bag below – never to be seen again! (Well, until you need to empty the bin out…)

Three refill cassettes are included with the Nappy Disposal System Starter Pack, which is normally enough for up to 3 months of usage.

Buy a starter pack here for £24.99.

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20 of the best life-changing baby gadgets for new parents