30 Of The Funniest And Most Relatable Tweets Of The Month, December Edition

Kids are just like ghosts, lurking in the shadows and breaking things that you actually wanted intact. They’re with you whilst you shower, they watch you shave your legs, they critique your pancake flipping skills, and wake you up at 5am. They yell, they cry, and yet they’re the most precious little person that has ever blessed your life. A mini you to love, adore, and spoil to your heart’s content. 

Yet it’s a whole lot of work! Many parents have taken to the wonderful world of Twitter to express the frustrating joy about raising their children, making many laugh alongside them. Bored Panda has loved keeping up with all of these fabulous Twitter users, and so we’re bringing you December’s edition of their best tweets.

We’ve also gotten in touch with Krysten Taprell, a Psychologist, who’s known on the internet as The Therapist Parent. She very kindly agreed to answer some of our questions on parenting as a whole, so make sure you stick around for the interview! 

As you proceed to scroll through this list, don’t forget to upvote your favorites and leave some comments, sharing your own parenting experiences. And if you’re curious to see our previous editions, here is the link to our October and September tweet compilations. Now let’s get into it! 

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