A Timeline Of Jesse Williams And Aryn Drake-Lee’s Custody Battle

A month after Jesse Wiliams and Aryn Drake-Lee settled their custody dispute, Williams filed new documents. In April 2022, he requested to modify his child support payments from $40,000 to $6,413 a month, which was based on a dramatic change in income that he experienced following his departure from “Grey’s Anatomy” (via People). Williams left the show in May 2021, where he made a total of $6.2 million, and his updated income from this time on Broadway was $1,668 a week, per TMZ.

In documents he filed with the court, Williams explained that his income had changed and was no longer as reliable. As he noted, “I am requesting the Court reduce the child support to a reasonable amount I can afford given the significant reduction in my income and the now fluctuating nature of my income” (via Page Six).

Williams had previously told Page Six that he took the role on Broadway, which called for the actor to appear nude on stage, to challenge himself. “I asked [God] to do something that was scary and challenging and made me earn it and made me feel alive and not comfortable.”