ADHD Discipline, Anger, Friendships, Teens

It’s true what they say: Kids don’t come with operating manuals. But it turns out your ADDitude membership does. Just sign up here, and we’ll guide you through the most critical topics for caregivers & children with ADHD. Parents enrolled in this free, virtual course will receive weekly email newsletters featuring hand-picked ADDitude articles and resources designed to address each of the following topics:

  • Week 1 Class: Organization & Time Management — How to help the child who loses assignments, forgets deadlines, has trouble staying on schedule, and leaves a trail of clutter everywhere he goes
  • Week 2 Class: Self-Esteem & Friendships — How to help when your child struggles with social skills, cliques, and mean kids
  • Week 3 Class: Behavior & Discipline — How to discipline without yelling, including positive parenting techniques and consequences and rewards that truly motivate children with ADHD
  • Week 4 Class: Technology & Screen Time — How to set sensible tech boundaries, monitor screen usage, and help when your child gets sucked into video games
  • Week 5 Class: Defiance, Meltdowns, & Anger — How to help when your child disrespects authority figures, refuses to comply with requests, and argues about everything
  • Week 6 Class: ADHD in Boys vs. ADHD in Girls — Learn how ADHD symptoms may present differently in boys vs. girls, and anticipate parents’ top 5 challenges
  • Week 7 Class: ADHD in Teens — How to help when hormones throw your child’s ADHD symptoms, motivation, emotions, and life out of whack
  • Week 8 Class: Your Child’s Treatment Plan — How to optimize your child’s treatment plan, ensure that he’s getting the sleep and nutrition he needs, and more

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