Delilah’s House committed to helping young parents 24 years old and younger

LUBBOCK, Texas — For the last three months, and organization in Lubbock, Delilah’s House, has been helping young parents up to the age of 24.

The idea of Delilah’s House came after a similar organization closed down. Co-founder, of Delilah’s House, Jaci Garrett-Salter had a grandmother who was a teen mom who was also a social worker and after her passing in 2021, Garrett-Salter wanted to continue her legacy of service.

Then came Delilah’s House.

“We can provide food, clothing, furniture, diapers, wipes, postpartum supplies, clothes, anything like that, that a mom might need that she may not be able to provide in the moment,” Garrett-Salter, said.

Their motto is to provide service to young parents wherever their journey takes them and in whatever they decide to do.

Garrett-Salter said, “we’re here to support them and provide them with whatever they may need… Having a baby is hard, being a parent is hard.”

They even help serve dads, nonbinary parents, and anyone who had, has, or is going to have a baby.

Garrett-Salter said Lubbock has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the U.S. but also has the least number of resources.

Since starting Delilah’s House, Garrett-Salter said they have seen an incredible amount of growth especially with their donations.

“…this is all people that I think know that our town has a need. And they’re willing to work with us to fill it.” Garrett-Salter said.

They have helped about 25 -30 people in just three months.

They hope to also expand their support by creating an LGBTQ group.

“My hope for Delilah’s house is that number one, we become sort of like a household name, that when an emergency comes up, people say, let’s talk to the wireless house.” Garrett-Salter said.

Throughout starting their journey, they have had a lot of community support and would like to give a special thank you to:

  • Family Promise
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Michael Postar Affordable Storage (50th & Ave Q)
  • Take Two Photography
  • Anonymous Partners

You can reach Delilah’s House at [email protected] or you can call/text them at 806-778-9129.