Grandma Nancy Hauck Gives Birth To Son And Daughter-in-Law’s Baby

A grandmother from Utah who was a gestational carrier for her son and daughter-in-law gave birth to a “perfect” baby girl named Hannah.

“She is here and my heart could explode,” Hannah’s mom, Cambria Hauck, wrote on Instagram Friday, sharing a video of her mother-in-law Nancy Hauck giving birth while surrounded by family. “She is perfect in every way.”

As Cambria told TODAY Parents in September, she could not carry another pregnancy after previously delivering two sets of twins. After Cambria’s last delivery, she developed placenta increta (when the placenta remains in the uterus) and had an emergency hysterectomy.

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Cambria and Jeff had planned to use their stored embryos from past fertility treatments for another baby, but as Cambria told TODAY Parents, “We ended up not wanting to play with my life.”

That’s when Jeff’s 56-year-old mother Nancy stepped in.

“I could just feel this calling to offer to carry for them,” the mother of five told TODAY Parents. “I knew I was too old. I knew it wasn’t going to be possible, even though that’s exactly what’s happened. I just felt I needed to tell them I would be willing to do it.”

In October 2021, Nancy made a generous proposal.

“When Nancy came to us, I know most people would probably be like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s crazy,’ but it didn’t feel like that,” Cambria told TODAY Parents. “There was just so much peace around the whole conversation and around the whole experience.”

After medical evaluations, doctors determined Nancy was a “a good candidate” despite her age. She became pregnant after an embryo transfer and delivered Hannah on Nov. 2.

A young man and woman hold an infant child in their arms.
Jeff and Cambria Hauck hold their newborn baby girl, Hannah.@cambriairene / Instagram

Nancy told People that she was in labor for nine hours. When Hannah arrived, she weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long.

“Everything went perfectly and we are feeling so blessed to have her in our family,” she said, adding that she is “facing new emotions of having a baby, but not bringing the baby home with me afterwards.”

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Cambria called Hannah’s birthday “sacred” because she arrived during Día de los Muertos (aka, Day of the Dead), a holiday widely celebrated in Mexico by people as a way to celebrate their deceased family members.

“And her ancestors on both sides had a HUGE part in getting her here,” Cambria wrote on Instagram. “Not only that, but she was carried and brought into the world by her sweet nana, her ancestor. Nothing is a coincidence, and her birth date is not a coincidence either.”

Cambria added that Nancy is “amazing in every way.”

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