Hilarious Viral Video Shows How One Family Preserves Baby Teeth

When Claire Linkhart of Ohio began dating her now-husband, Rob, more than a decade ago, she made a surprising discovery in his childhood bedroom.

Nestled among heirlooms from his youth like high school sports trophies sat two carved wooden beavers with beaming smiles.

The beavers’ toothy grins were made from the baby teeth of Rob and his brother, Adam.

“I was completely speechless,” Linkhart, 36, told TODAY Parents. “How could such a treasure be hidden from our relationship?”

Rob Linkhart's tooth beaver was sitting on a shelf "collecting dust" when his now-wife, Claire, discovered it.
Rob Linkhart’s tooth beaver was sitting on a shelf “collecting dust” when his now-wife, Claire, discovered it.Claire Linkhart / @clairebear4000 via Instagram

Linkhart told TODAY that her husband’s grandmother commissioned the beavers.

“My husband’s late grandmother had them made at a craft fair,” she said. “I never had the pleasure of meeting her but I know she was a really special lady.”

When Linkhart shared Rob and Adam’s baby teeth beavers in a TikTok video, she never anticipated the response.

“I am so new to TikTok, especially on the ‘creator’ side,” she said. “I still have no idea how to use half of the features. I threw that video together more to make myself laugh.”

The video showing the Linkhart family beavers has garnered over six million views and more than 8,000 comments.

“I would fight for these at an estate sale,” one user wrote.

Another added, “A new family tradition I did not know I’d be implementing immediately.”

Adam's baby teeth beaver features a bottom row of teeth, too.
Adam’s baby teeth beaver features a bottom row of teeth, too.Claire Linkhart / @clairebear4000 via TikTok

It’s safe to say the internet cannot get enough of this “dam” good artwork — and neither can the Linkharts. Since her discovery, Linkhart told TODAY the beavers have “gone home to their rightful owners.”

“My husband’s lives in our dining room display cabinet, and his brother’s lives in their living room bookshelf display,” she said. “They make for great party conversation starters.”

As for whether the beaver tradition will continue with their daughters, ages 8 and 5, Linkhart said there are some logistics to consider first.

“The older one has already asked how the beaver got daddy’s teeth from the tooth fairy,” she said.

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