Mom Asks Her Daughter To Smile More, Shares Funny Parenting Fail

One mom’s parenting fail has the internet in tears from laughing so hard.

Earlier this month, Ann Milligan shared footage on TikTok of her 9-year-old daughter, Evie, rehearsing for her part in the chorus of her school musical.

“She looked miserable,” Milligan, 40, tells, noting that it was a particularly long day because several students were out sick and others had to step in and learn their lines.

Later that day, Milligan, a mother of four in California, offered some advice.

“I was like, ‘Try to smile more when you’re on stage,’” Milligan says.

Whoops! As soon as the words came out of Milligan’s mouth, she knew she’d made a huge mistake. 

“No female ever wants to be told to smile more, and I knew that wasn’t going to go over well,” Milligan says. “Evie didn’t immediately react, which made me nervous because she’s a headstrong kid.”

Little did Milligan know that the wheels in Evie’s brain were turning. 

As Milligan tells, “She had a game plan.” 

Evie Milligan and her exaggerated smile are going viral on TikTok.
Evie Milligan and her exaggerated smile are going viral on TikTok.@anniesgotabun via TikTok

In the now-viral TikTok video, Evie is shown grinning maniacally throughout a performance of “Beauty and the Beast Tell All.” The best part? She never takes her eyes off her mom. 

“One little girl who was next to her whispered, ‘You don’t have to smile that big,’” Milligan says.

But Evie had no plans of stopping.

“When she looked into the audience I had mascara running down my face from laughing — that’s when she decided she was going to do it the whole show,” Milligan explains.

Evie says that’s exactly what happened. 

“I love making her laugh,” the third grader tells “I don’t think she’s ever laughed that hard.” 

Since Milligan shared the video on TikTok on Dec. 7, it’s been been seen nearly 3 million times. 

“IM IN TEARS,” wrote one person in the comments. 

Added another, “May this child never change.” 

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