Parenting hacks on TikTok as mum lets children swear in house

A mother has sparked a lively debate online after admitting she lets her children swear. 

The woman confessed that should her child swear, she “does not correct them”.

In the clip, Casara, from the United States, who shares videos under the name @casaranjuan, claims she has a “very open and honest relationship” with her kids, reports The Manchester Evening News.

She said: “They know when they can swear, how they can swear and who they can swear around – and they’re allowed to swear.”

The TikTok creator added: “If you think the worst thing your child can do is swear, then you have another thing coming.”

Titling the video “Five things we allow our kids to do as parents of four”, she goes on to explain how if they are out drinking with friends and asked to be collected, she will always pick them up and discuss what happened the next day.

“Let’s face it – peer pressure is real and people can’t learn unless they make mistakes or do something they’re not supposed to do,” she said.

Casara also told her followers that children do not have to “kiss you, hug you or hang around you if they choose not to”, she does not believe children should be pushed into higher education and she teaches them about sex at a young age – telling them all about body parts and what drugs are.

But it’s her stance towards swearing that has sparked the biggest debate, with almost 5,000 people commenting on her video, some praising her attitude and others criticising.

Following the huge response, she posted a second video to talk further about the topics.

In this clip she said: “We allow our kids to swear – yes, but they don’t walk around our house swearing, effing this and doing that.

“As my husband said, who even deemed swear words swear words? Like who deemed them to be bad words?

“We swear and it originally started with if my son walked by and stubbed his toe he’d be like ‘s***’.

“They’re not walking around swearing up a storm. It’s just if they say a swear word or something, I’m not going to correct them!”

The defiant post was captioned: “Don’t worry about what others thing of YOUR parenting. You know what’s best for you and YOURS.”

People flooded to the comments, with one person writing: “Swearing is not a problem.

“What we call swear words are part of our language and are useful to release pressure!

“What is a problem is when people don’t have a wider vocabulary and use swear words constantly”.

However, not everyone agreed with swearing.

A person commented: “What ridiculous reasoning. Of course there are worse things they can do. That doesn’t mean they should do other bad things, because they’re not as bad”.

Another person added: “Teaching children not to swear demonstrates boundaries and respect; otherwise, where do you draw the line?”