Parenting Lessons: Give them love, respect & confidence: Tata Group executive shares valuable parenting lessons on son’s graduation

It is well known that kids get a self-esteem boost each time an adult rewards them or pays compliments on their small achievements. Every parent wants the best for their children which essentially means ensuring that they are safe, healthy, happy and thriving.

Children face all kinds of challenges, and when they overcome them, it is usually a sign that they are evolving into strong individuals. Hence, as parents, it is important to acknowledge their achievements and progress.

Recently, Siddharth Sharma, Tata Group’s Chief Sustainability Officer, took to LinkedIn to share his joy after one of his sons graduated from Harvard University. While his eldest son is pursuing a PhD from Oxford University, his third son is on his way to pursuing a Master’s in Science from a prestigious institution in France.

All his sons are doing exceptionally well in their academics. Sharma in his lengthy post stated that he frequently got asked how all his children were performing so well. In his post, Sharma goes on to share his parenting advice or as he calls it ‘secret sauce’ to raising children and their academic accomplishments.

“I normally don’t post personal news but am making an exception this time to celebrate our younger son’s graduation from Harvard College with a cum laude in Mathematics & Computer Science. His twin is graduating from Ashoka University & heading off to Sciences’ Po, France’s premier University, for his Master’s,” Sharma stated at the beginning of his post.

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Siddarth Sharma and his familyAgencies

Parents should set the right example for children to imbibe their values.

Time And Love Are Key

The Tata executive went on to elaborate on the need for parents to support their children’s career aspirations and personal choices. He said that when it comes to parenting, go full-on and no half-measures will ever work. According to Sharma, no matter what your profession may be, spending quality time with children is paramount.

“There is nothing that children want more than your time & love. That cannot be outsourced- you have to make sure that both of you, or at least one of you, is always available with them spending quality moments. Even if you are the PM, as Jacinda Ardern said yesterday at the Harvard Commencement, you can still take time off for your kids,” wrote Sharma.

The Most Important Lesson

Since children are extremely perceptive to their surroundings, according to Sharma parents should ensure that they set the right examples for them to imbibe. The Tata chief said it is important to teach children to respect women and how much enrichment they bring into others’ lives. It is important to talk to children about consent as they grow up and how important it is to respect women’s choices.

“Most importantly, teach them respect for women and how they enrich our life. As they grow older, talk to them about the importance of consent and respecting a woman’s choices. That will make them into fine, rounded individuals who will be an asset to society,” he wrote.

Teaching About Value

Sharma goes on to highlight the importance of teaching children the value of money, human dignity and labour. It is equally important for parents to let children debate, discuss and form their own decisions. Parents should always keep their differences away from the children and ensure that they see you as one unit.

“Be happy with your children’s choices- whether it be their choice of career, life partner or anything else. Remember, they are your children, not your clones,” he concluded.