UK nurse sent sympathy card to parents of baby she murdered: Report | World News

A nurse in the United Kingdom – accused of murdering newborns – reportedly killed a premature baby girl on her fourth attempt before sending her parents a condolence letter. Horrific details are emerging amid the trial of Lucy Letby, the nurse who has been accused of murdering seven babies and trying to kill 10 others.

Lucy Letby is accused of killing a baby girl and six other newborns between June 2015 and June 2016 at the Countess of Chester Hospital in northwest England, a report by BBC highlighted. She is also accused of attempting to murder ten other infants at the same neo-natal hospital during the same time period.

Opening the prosecution case at Manchester Crown Court, lawyer Nick Johnson amid the trial argued that the hospital’s neonatal death rate was comparable to other units across the country.

However, the number of deaths and major catastrophic collapses increased “significantly” during the course of 18 months beginning in January 2015. Babies were dying unexpectedly, raising concerns among consultants. Some of them – who were reported to have collapsed – did not respond to appropriate treatment.

Others collapsed and then miraculously recovered, contradicting physicians’ “typical experience,” he told a jury at Manchester Crown Court. “After searching for a reason and failing to discover one, the experts realised that the inexplicable collapses and fatalities did share one common denominator,” he was quoted as saying by news agency AFP.

“The presence of one of the neonatal nurses, who happened to be Lucy Letby.”

Johnson added that fatalities and collapses occurred during Letby’s night shifts and afterwards during her day shifts. According to primary investigation, two toddlers were poisoned with insulin at the year beginning of mid-2015. The “only reasonable conclusion” that can be drawn was that it was done deliberately, he added.

“This was no accident,” he stated, calling the collapses and deaths of all 17 youngsters involved “naturally occurring catastrophes.”

“They were all the work of the lady in the dock, we argue, who was the continuous evil presence when things went wrong for these 17 children,” Johnson claimed.